Buyinza Foundation’s History

Buyinza Foundation was established by a widowed mother of 5, humanitarian and a passionate mathematics teacher Mrs. Justine Kigozi.

The establishment was done to fill in a gap left following a sudden relocation in 2009 of an organization for the needy, L’sperance Children Village which up to 2009 gave hope to the many needy children in the Busabala Community.

Prior to establishment of Buyinza Foundation, in 1988 L’esparence Children’s village was established in Busabala, a densely populated former fishing community with at least 40,000 which was hit by a scourge of HIV/Aids resulting in among other current negative consequences several widows and helpless orphans.

A primary school, dispensary, farming programs and vocational trainings were set-up in the same locality and orphans from far and near were enrolled into this organization to raise the hopes of less privileged children.


In a community where education was less important and many preferred fishing, farming and trading, establishment of L’esparence Children’s village was a ray of light in darkness. Today many youths in Busabala community live by knowledge acquired from this organization. The path of compassionate men can be traced in their lives. And the directors of Buyinza Foundation are products of L’esperance Children’s Village.

After 20 years of operation. Suddenly the landowners where L’esperance Children’s Village had been established decided to evict L’esparence from Busabala and thus it was relocated to over 40km away. This left a vacuum in the Busabala community.
Buyinza Foundation Director, Mrs. Justine Kigozi was a teacher at L’esparence Children’s Village. She decided not to follow L’esparence over 40 kms away but made a resolution to remain in Busabala and try to fill in the gap left by sudden relocation.

She negotiated with another landowner nearby and with her savings accumulated over the years and assistance from friends and well-wishers she established another school, much smaller though. She used materials from the ruins of L’esparence Children village to build the school.

This was a struggle that took at least 4 years before Buyinza Foundation could take in the first pupil. We strive to extend a helping hand to all possible communities around us, assisting them to overcome challenges in education, health and development. For this very reason of love stands Buyinza Foundation.

Buyinza Foundation is currently operating at community level. It was founded in January 2012 by Mrs. Justine Kigozi as the key character and fully registered in March 2017. She was compelled by the act of love showed to her by L’esperance Children Village who partly helped to educate her five (5) children throughout primary level after she had lost her husband in the year 1992. She started by teaching a class of five needy children in her home which is currently the campus of Neptune Academy Primary School at Kirinda Busabala Wakiso District Uganda.

Mrs. Justine Kigozi

Mrs. Justine Kigozi Buyinza
We intend to cause positive changes and development, targeting marginalized population in the country against the background that communities national wide were faced with very many challenges created by economic difficulties and have negatively affected the social status of most Ugandans.

Finally, I would like to register my sincere gratitude to members of Buyinza Foundation and our volunteers for the helping hand they have extended to the less privileged families through this organization even if it doesn’t pay them any dollar. And we still call upon more men and women full of compassion from all over the world to give a tender touch to other hearts. Remember, the needy are the hands by which we take hold of Heaven.

our approach

We use a unique self-help approach to relief which nurtures hope and build resilience of the vulnerable people –children, youths, women and elderly. Every beneficially in our projects must be directly involved in planning and implementation so that ownership is felt by all concerned and stake holders. And we designed our programs in a way that empowering one empowers the others. This gives communities the opportunity to ensure the continuity of benefits even when we reduce or discontinue the support.


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Located at Kirinda, Busabaala,
Wakiso District, Uganda.
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