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Buyinza Foundation’s History

In 1988, an organization by the name L’esperance Children’s Village was established in Kirinda with great strategies to raise the hopes of less privileged children. A primary school, dispensary, farming programs and vocational training were set-up in the same locality and orphans from far and near were enrolled into this organization. The community realized a very big improvement in the standards of living. Hopes of all age and gender were raised until 2009 when it was shifted to another community.

Today many youths live by the vocational skills acquired from L’esperance education program. The path of compassionate men can be traced in their lives. And we too are products of this act of love, we felt their tender touch. But of course there are those who did not get this privilege and so these together with other less fortunate families are our target today. It really hurts when we see them in a life experience which we longed to pass. And it is an act of selfishness if we do not give the needy something we have in our hands if God has placed it there. We strive to extend a helping hand to all possible communities assist them to overcome challenges in education, health and economy. For this very reason of love stands Buyinza Foundation.

The founders of Buyinza Foundation being concerned citizens of multi professions, looked beyond challenges of Kirinda village thus forming an organization with intent to cause positive changes and development targeting marginalized population in the country against the background that the lager communities national wide were faced with very many challenges created by economic difficulties and have negatively affected the social status of most Ugandans.

Buyinza Foundation was founded in 2012 by Mrs. Justine Kigozi Buyinza as the key character. It began with her offering free education to the less privileged children. She started with five children in her home which is currently the campus of Neptune Academy Primary School located at Kirinda, Busaabala, Wakiso district- Uganda. On 10th March 2017, her service was formalized into a non-profit community based organization. We are currently operating at community level particularly Wakiso district. For sure Buyinza Foundation was born in the exact time when it was seriously needed by our societies, when assistance is more necessary in all aspects of life. Therefore we hereby call upon men and women full of compassion from all over the world to give a tender touch to other hearts.

Mrs. Justine Kigozi Buyinza

Mrs. Justine Kigozi Buyinza

We are convinced that rights of “VULNERABLE PEOPLE” were essential to social, economic and political change in the communities. Therefore, our major target is in providing

  • formal education to the less privileged children
  • Vocational skills training and talent development to children and youths
  • social entrepreneurship to youths and women
  • basic needs to elderly
  • And general health to the community.

our approach

The organization’s unique self-help approach to relief and ongoing development, nurtures hope and builds resilience of the vulnerable people. Every community beneficially in any of our projects must be directly involved in our projects that affect their lives and participate in the planning and implementation so that the project ownership is felt by all concerned and stake holders and we design programs in a way that one empowers the other.  This gives communities the opportunity to ensure the continuity of benefits even when we reduce or discontinue the support.



Education program

There is more to educate a child than academic knowledge. What we can do with good education is limited only by opportunity, attitude and exposure. There are many successful initiatives in Uganda that aim to increase school attendance in less privileged communities, but very few that enable children to discover what they can do after school, here Buyinza Foundation works to fill this need.

our education program was designed on the principle that true education requires head, heart and hand. We emphasize exposure and facilities available at the country best schools. We expose both pupils and students to ideas that make them think about the world around them. Many of them have dreams of social change and entrepreneurship and are looking forward to each day of learning.

We use creative methods in our classrooms and incorporate a system of learning values and spreading knowledge to family members and their communities. Our extra studies programs beside Uganda education syllabus include computer studies and a number of spoken languages, vocational skills such as baking/catering, tailoring, gardening, poultry keeping, shoe and soap making. We also develop talents such as art and craft, games and sport, music, dance and drama.

We believe these skills increase a child’s ability to communicate confidently, focus on tasks and take initiative in finding information and continue to help once the child finished school.


Development Programme

Most youths and women would agree that development program of Buyinza Foundation often helps to improve on their financial performance. Similar thoughts are succinctly detailed in the minds of elderly as they were affected by urbanization when stone quarries were demolished, gardens destroyed and fishing restricted which were the primary sources of income to this community.

Despite of lack of specialized knowledge among the people and all what took place in the past, great efforts has been put in introducing team work among them. We encourage them to work together to perform the task of reaching all unemployed youths and women through this mysterious program in their communities.

Buyinza foundation emphasize on youths and women forming up associations/ groups in their communities to empower them.

In conjunction with the government, NGOs, companies and individual well-wishers, we support them in skill training such as fish farming, bee keeping, animal raring, poultry farming and modern gardening. We also assist them in developing saving and investment skills to improve on their financial statuses and then help them become productive through setting up income generating projects such as home-based and small industry enterprises.


Health program

Nowadays there is an increasing awareness of the importance of health and factors in the cause and prognosis of many disorders affecting man. Perhaps of more importance is that this knowledge has also led to possible means of prevention of such disorders through health education or community sensitization and proper diagnosis of these disorders. However, we cannot relax because many people especially in rural areas are still facing health challenges caused by a number of different factors. These factors include ignorance, poor hygiene and environmental sanitation and most serious is poverty and lack of proper treatment services.  

Recent statistics carried out in 2016 indicates that, 38% Ugandans live below poverty line, 53% Ugandans use government health facilities and the ratio of doctor to patient is 1: 5000 which makes service provision difficult. Therefore after a review of the health challenges we’re facing, Buyinza Foundation through its health program is striving to reach them with possible assistance especially those living in rural areas.

Threfore, we hereby call upon men and women full of compassion from all over the world to give a tender touch to other hearts.

Our Vision & Our Mission

Our Vision: To see every unprivileged child attain education, youths an opportunity to succeed and women a right to prosper
Our Mission: 
Promoting educating and health of the less privileged through initiating and implementing progressive social change  in Uganda where every child gets an education, every youth an opportunity to succeed, and every family the basics of life.

Our objectives.

Strengthen the integration of the less privileged members ......
  • Strengthen the integration of the less privileged members in the communities with education and health  and  empowerment within existing resources plus initiatives on the ground and within CBO portfolio at country-level
• Support innovative projects, ......
Contribute to collective operational learning .....

Located at Kirinda, Busabaala,
Wakiso District, Uganda.
Tell:    +256774720832.
Email:    info@buyinzafoundation.org
Website: www.buyinzafoundation.org


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